Progressive Filtering Using Multiresolution Histograms for Query by Humming System

Trisiladevi C. Nagavi, Nagappa U. Bhajantri

The rising availability of digital music stipulates effective categorization and retrieval methods. Real world scenarios are characterized by mammoth music collections through pertinent and non-pertinent songs with reference to the user input. The primary goal of the research work is to counter balance the perilous impact of non-relevant songs through Progressive Filtering (PF) for Query by Humming (QBH) system. PF is a technique of problem solving through reduced space. This paper presents the concept of PF and its efficient design based on Multi-Resolution Histograms (MRH) to accomplish searching in manifolds. Initially the entire music database is searched to obtain high recall rate and narrowed search space. Later steps accomplish slow search in the reduced periphery and achieve additional accuracy. Experimentation on large music database using recursive programming substantiates the potential of the method. The outcome of proposed strategy glimpses that MRH effectively locate the patterns. Distances of MRH at lower level are the lower bounds of the distances at higher level, which guarantees evasion of false dismissals during PF. In due course, proposed method helps to strike a balance between efficiency and effectiveness. The system is scalable for large music retrieval systems and also data driven for performance optimization as an added advantage.

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