Performance Study of Mobile TV over Mobile WiMAX Considering Different Modulation and Coding Techniques

Jamil Hamodi, Ravindra Thool, Khaled Salah, Anwar Alsagaf, Yousef Holba

With the advent of the wide-spread use of smart phones, video streaming over mobile wireless networks has suddenly taken a huge surge in recent years. Considering its enormous potential, mobile WiMAX is emerging as a viable technology for mobile TV which is expected to become of key importance in the future of mobile indus- try. In this paper, a simulation performance study of Mobile TV over mobile WiMAX is conducted with different types of adaptive modulation and coding taking into account key system and environment parameters which include the variation in the speed of the mobile, path-loss, scheduling service classes with the fixed type of mod- ulations. Our simulation has been conducted using OPNET simulation. Simulation results show that dynamic adaptation of modulation and coding schemes based onchannel conditions can offer considerably more en- hanced QoS and at the same time reduce the overall bandwidthof the system.

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