Statistical Analysis based Hypothesis Testing Method in Biological Knowledge Discovery

Md. Naseef-Ur-Rahman Chowdhury, Suvankar Paul, Kazi Zakia Sultana

The correlation and interactions among different biological entities comprise the biological system. Although already revealed interactions contribute to the understanding of different existing systems, researchers face many questions everyday regarding inter-relationships among entities. Their queries have potential role in exploring new relations which may open up a new area of investigation. In this paper, we introduce a text mining based method for answering the biological queries in terms of statistical computation such that researchers can come up with new knowledge discovery. It facilitates user to submit their query in natural linguistic form which can be treated as hypothesis. Our proposed approach analyzes the hypothesis and measures the p-value of the hypothesis with respect to the existing literature. Based on the measured value, the system either accepts or rejects the hypothesis from statistical point of view. Moreover, even it does not find any direct relationship among the entities of the hypothesis, it presents a network to give an integral overview of all the entities through which the entities might be related. This is also congenial for the researchers to widen their view and thus think of new hypothesis for further investigation. It assists researcher to get a quantitative evaluation of their assumptions such that they can reach a logical conclusion and thus aids in relevant re-searches of biological knowledge discovery. The system also provides the researchers a graphical interactive interface to submit their hypothesis for assessment in a more convenient way.

Knowledge Graph



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