Event Structure of Transitive Verb: A MARVS perspective

Jia-Fei Hong, Kathleen Ahrens, Chu-Ren Huang

Module-Attribute Representation of Verbal Semantics (MARVS) is a theory of the representation of verbal semantics that is based on Mandarin Chinese data (Huang et al. 2000). In the MARVS theory, there are two different types of modules: Event Structure Modules and Role Modules. There are also two sets of attributes: Event-Internal Attributes and Role-Internal Attributes, which are linked to the Event Structure Module and the Role Module, respectively. In this study, we focus on four transitive verbs as chi1(eat), wan2(play), huan4(change) and shao1(burn) and explore their event structures by the MARVS theory.

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