Enhancing data security against cyberattacks in artificial intelligence based smartgrid systems with crypto agility

Marcelo Simoes, Mohammed Elmusrati, Tero Vartiainen, Mike Mekkanen, Mazaher Karimi, Sayawu Diaba, Emmanuel Anti, Wilson Lopes

A new paradigm of electricity generation at the distribution level, with renewable and alternative sources, is possible with microgrids. The main idea is to have microgrids deployed on low- or medium-voltage active distribution networks. They can be advantageous in many different ways, such as improving the energy efficiency and reliability of the system and reducing transmission losses and network congestion. There are challenges in implementing MGs with DER units, those are related to power quality and stability issues voltage and fault level changes, energy management, low inertia, further complex protection schemes, load and generation forecasting, cyber-attacks, and cyber security. This paper shows the deep utilization of advanced, accurate, and fast methodologies such as artificial intelligence-based techniques. They guarantee efficient, optimal, safe, and reliable operation of smart grids safe against cyberattacks. AI refers to the computer-based system's ability to perform tasks with intelligence typically associated with human decision-making, they can learn from past experiences and solve problems.

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