V2X-Boosted Federated Learning for Cooperative Intelligent Transportation Systems with Contextual Client Selection

Rui Song, Lingjuan Lyu, Wei Jiang, Andreas Festag, Alois Knoll

Machine learning (ML) has revolutionized transportation systems, enabling autonomous driving and smart traffic services. Federated learning (FL) overcomes privacy constraints by training ML models in distributed systems, exchanging model parameters instead of raw data. However, the dynamic states of connected vehicles affect the network connection quality and influence the FL performance. To tackle this challenge, we propose a contextual client selection pipeline that uses Vehicle-to-Everything (V2X) messages to select clients based on the predicted communication latency. The pipeline includes: (i) fusing V2X messages, (ii) predicting future traffic topology, (iii) pre-clustering clients based on local data distribution similarity, and (iv) selecting clients with minimal latency for future model aggregation. Experiments show that our pipeline outperforms baselines on various datasets, particularly in non-iid settings.

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