RxnScribe: A Sequence Generation Model for Reaction Diagram Parsing

Yujie Qian, Jiang Guo, Zhengkai Tu, Connor W. Coley, Regina Barzilay

Reaction diagram parsing is the task of extracting reaction schemes from a diagram in the chemistry literature. The reaction diagrams can be arbitrarily complex, thus robustly parsing them into structured data is an open challenge. In this paper, we present RxnScribe, a machine learning model for parsing reaction diagrams of varying styles. We formulate this structured prediction task with a sequence generation approach, which condenses the traditional pipeline into an end-to-end model. We train RxnScribe on a dataset of 1,378 diagrams and evaluate it with cross validation, achieving an 80.0% soft match F1 score, with significant improvements over previous models. Our code and data are publicly available at https://github.com/thomas0809/RxnScribe.

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