JoIN: Joint GANs Inversion for Intrinsic Image Decomposition

Viraj Shah, Svetlana Lazebnik, Julien Philip

In this work, we propose to solve ill-posed inverse imaging problems using a bank of Generative Adversarial Networks (GAN) as a prior and apply our method to the case of Intrinsic Image Decomposition for faces and materials. Our method builds on the demonstrated success of GANs to capture complex image distributions. At the core of our approach is the idea that the latent space of a GAN is a well-suited optimization domain to solve inverse problems. Given an input image, we propose to jointly inverse the latent codes of a set of GANs and combine their outputs to reproduce the input. Contrary to most GAN inversion methods which are limited to inverting only a single GAN, we demonstrate that it is possible to maintain distribution priors while inverting several GANs jointly. We show that our approach is modular, allowing various forward imaging models, that it can successfully decompose both synthetic and real images, and provides additional advantages such as leveraging properties of GAN latent space for image relighting.

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