Recouple Event Field via Probabilistic Bias for Event Extraction

Xingyu Bai, Taiqiang Wu, Han Guo, Zhe Zhao, Xuefeng Yang, Jiayi Li, Weijie Liu, Qi Ju, Weigang Guo, Yujiu Yang

Event Extraction (EE), aiming to identify and classify event triggers and arguments from event mentions, has benefited from pre-trained language models (PLMs). However, existing PLM-based methods ignore the information of trigger/argument fields, which is crucial for understanding event schemas. To this end, we propose a Probabilistic reCoupling model enhanced Event extraction framework (ProCE). Specifically, we first model the syntactic-related event fields as probabilistic biases, to clarify the event fields from ambiguous entanglement. Furthermore, considering multiple occurrences of the same triggers/arguments in EE, we explore probabilistic interaction strategies among multiple fields of the same triggers/arguments, to recouple the corresponding clarified distributions and capture more latent information fields. Experiments on EE datasets demonstrate the effectiveness and generalization of our proposed approach.

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