D$^2$TV: Dual Knowledge Distillation and Target-oriented Vision Modeling for Many-to-Many Multimodal Summarization

Yunlong Liang, Fandong Meng, Jiaan Wang, Jinan Xu, Yufeng Chen, Jie zhou

Many-to-many multimodal summarization (M$^3$S) task aims to generate summaries in any language with document inputs in any language and the corresponding image sequence, which essentially comprises multimodal monolingual summarization (MMS) and multimodal cross-lingual summarization (MXLS) tasks. Although much work has been devoted to either MMS or MXLS and has obtained increasing attention in recent years, little research pays attention to the M$^3$S task. Besides, existing studies mainly focus on 1) utilizing MMS to enhance MXLS via knowledge distillation without considering the performance of MMS or 2) improving MMS models by filtering summary-unrelated visual features with implicit learning or explicitly complex training objectives. In this paper, we first introduce a general and practical task, i.e., M$^3$S. Further, we propose a dual knowledge distillation and target-oriented vision modeling framework for the M$^3$S task. Specifically, the dual knowledge distillation method guarantees that the knowledge of MMS and MXLS can be transferred to each other and thus mutually prompt both of them. To offer target-oriented visual features, a simple yet effective target-oriented contrastive objective is designed and responsible for discarding needless visual information. Extensive experiments on the many-to-many setting show the effectiveness of the proposed approach. Additionally, we will contribute a many-to-many multimodal summarization (M$^3$Sum) dataset.

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