Dual-Diffusion: Dual Conditional Denoising Diffusion Probabilistic Models for Blind Super-Resolution Reconstruction in RSIs

Mengze Xu, Jie Ma, Yuanyuan Zhu

Previous super-resolution reconstruction (SR) works are always designed on the assumption that the degradation operation is fixed, such as bicubic downsampling. However, as for remote sensing images, some unexpected factors can cause the blurred visual performance, like weather factors, orbit altitude, etc. Blind SR methods are proposed to deal with various degradations. There are two main challenges of blind SR in RSIs: 1) the accu-rate estimation of degradation kernels; 2) the realistic image generation in the ill-posed problem. To rise to the challenge, we propose a novel blind SR framework based on dual conditional denoising diffusion probabilistic models (DDSR). In our work, we introduce conditional denoising diffusion probabilistic models (DDPM) from two aspects: kernel estimation progress and re-construction progress, named as the dual-diffusion. As for kernel estimation progress, conditioned on low-resolution (LR) images, a new DDPM-based kernel predictor is constructed by studying the invertible mapping between the kernel distribution and the latent distribution. As for reconstruction progress, regarding the predicted degradation kernels and LR images as conditional information, we construct a DDPM-based reconstructor to learning the mapping from the LR images to HR images. Com-prehensive experiments show the priority of our proposal com-pared with SOTA blind SR methods. Source Code is available at https://github.com/Lincoln20030413/DDSR

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