ZS-MSTM: Zero-Shot Style Transfer for Gesture Animation driven by Text and Speech using Adversarial Disentanglement of Multimodal Style Encoding

Mireille Fares, Catherine Pelachaud, Nicolas Obin

In this study, we address the importance of modeling behavior style in virtual agents for personalized human-agent interaction. We propose a machine learning approach to synthesize gestures, driven by prosodic features and text, in the style of different speakers, even those unseen during training. Our model incorporates zero-shot multimodal style transfer using multimodal data from the PATS database, which contains videos of diverse speakers. We recognize style as a pervasive element during speech, influencing the expressivity of communicative behaviors, while content is conveyed through multimodal signals and text. By disentangling content and style, we directly infer the style embedding, even for speakers not included in the training phase, without the need for additional training or fine-tuning. Objective and subjective evaluations are conducted to validate our approach and compare it against two baseline methods.

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