Friendly Neighbors: Contextualized Sequence-to-Sequence Link Prediction

Adrian Kochsiek, Apoorv Saxena, Inderjeet Nair, Rainer Gemulla

We propose KGT5-context, a simple sequence-to-sequence model for link prediction (LP) in knowledge graphs (KG). Our work expands on KGT5, a recent LP model that exploits textual features of the KG, has small model size, and is scalable. To reach good predictive performance, however, KGT5 relies on an ensemble with a knowledge graph embedding model, which itself is excessively large and costly to use. In this short paper, we show empirically that adding contextual information - i.e., information about the direct neighborhood of a query vertex - alleviates the need for a separate KGE model to obtain good performance. The resulting KGT5-context model obtains state-of-the-art performance in our experimental study, while at the same time reducing model size significantly.

Knowledge Graph



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