Survey on software ISP methods based on Deep Learning

Matheus Henrique Marques da Silva, Jhessica Victoria Santos da Silva, Rodrigo Reis Arrais, Wladimir Barroso Guedes de Araújo Neto, Leonardo Tadeu Lopes, Guilherme Augusto Bileki, Iago Oliveira Lima, Lucas Borges Rondon, Bruno Melo de Souza, Mayara Costa Regazio, Rodolfo Coelho Dalapicola, Claudio Filipi Gonçalves dos Santos

The entire Image Signal Processor (ISP) of a camera relies on several processes to transform the data from the Color Filter Array (CFA) sensor, such as demosaicing, denoising, and enhancement. These processes can be executed either by some hardware or via software. In recent years, Deep Learning has emerged as one solution for some of them or even to replace the entire ISP using a single neural network for the task. In this work, we investigated several recent pieces of research in this area and provide deeper analysis and comparison among them, including results and possible points of improvement for future researchers.

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