Transparent and Traceable Food Supply Chain Management

Narayan Subramanian, Atharva Joshi, Daksh Bagga

The food supply chain has a number of challenges, including a lack of transparency and disengagement among stakeholders. By providing a transparent and traceable digital ledger of transactions and movements for all supply chain actors, blockchain technology can provide a resolution to these problems. We propose a blockchain-based system for tracking a product's full path, from its raw components to the finished item in the store. Many advantages of the offered system include improved quality assessment, increased product transparency and traceability, and sophisticated fraud detection capabilities. By reinventing the way transactions are carried out and enabling stakeholders to obtain a complete record of each product's journey, the system has the potential to completely alter the food supply chain. Also, by minimising inefficiencies, waste, and fraudulent activities that have a negative influence on the supply chain, the deployment of this system can remove limits imposed by the current supply chain. Overall, the suggested blockchain-based system has the potential to significantly increase the efficiency, transparency, and traceability of the food supply chain.

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