Evaluating the Performance of Large Language Models on GAOKAO Benchmark

Xiaotian Zhang, Chunyang Li, Yi Zong, Zhengyu Ying, Liang He, Xipeng Qiu

Large language models have demonstrated remarkable performance across various natural language processing tasks; however, their efficacy in more challenging and domain-specific tasks remains less explored. This paper introduces the GAOKAO-Benchmark (GAOKAO-Bench), an intuitive benchmark that employs questions from the Chinese Gaokao examination as test samples for evaluating large language models.In order to align the evaluation results with humans as much as possible, we designed a method based on zero-shot prompts to analyze the accuracy and scoring rate of the model by dividing the questions into subjective and objective types. We evaluated the ChatGPT model on GAOKAO-Benchmark performance.Our findings reveal that the ChatGPT model excels in tackling objective questions, while also shedding light on its shortcomings and areas for improvement. To further scrutinize the model's responses, we incorporate human evaluations.In conclusion, this research contributes a robust evaluation benchmark for future large-scale language models and offers valuable insights into the limitations of such models.

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