New bounds for covering codes of radius 3 and codimension 3t+1

Alexander A. Davydov, Stefano Marcugini, Fernanda Pambianco

The smallest possible length of a $q$-ary linear code of covering radius $R$ and codimension (redundancy) $r$ is called the length function and is denoted by $\ell_q(r,R)$. In this work, for $q$ \emph{an arbitrary prime power}, we obtain the following new constructive upper bounds on $\ell_q(3t+1,3)$: $\ell_q(r,3)\lessapprox \sqrt[3]{k}\cdot q^{(r-3)/3}\cdot\sqrt[3]{\ln q},~r=3t+1, ~t\ge1, ~ q\ge\lceil\mathcal{W}(k)\rceil, 18

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