Real-life Implementation of Internet of Robotic Things Using 5 DoF Heterogeneous Robotic Arm

Sayed Erfan Arefin, Tasnia Ashrafi Heya, Jia Uddin

Establishing a communication bridge by transferring data driven from different embedded sensors via internet or reconcilable network protocols between enormous number of distinctively addressable objects or "things", is known as the Internet of Things (IoT). IoT can be amalgamated with multitudinous objects such as thermostats, cars, lights, refrigerators, and many more appliances which will be able to build a connection via internet. Where objects of our diurnal life can establish a network connection and get smarter with IoT, robotics can be another aspect which will get beneficial to be brought under the concept of IoT and is able to add a new perception in robotics having "Mechanical Smart Intelligence" which is generally called "Internet of Robotic Things" (IoRT). A robotic arm is a part of robotics where it is usually a programmable mechanical arm which has human arm like functionalities. In this paper, IoRT will be represented by a 5 DoF (degree of freedoms) Robotic Arm which will be able to communicate as an IoRT device, controlled with heterogeneous devices using IoT and "Cloud Robotics".

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