Infor-Coef: Information Bottleneck-based Dynamic Token Downsampling for Compact and Efficient language model

Wenxi Tan

The prevalence of Transformer-based pre-trained language models (PLMs) has led to their wide adoption for various natural language processing tasks. However, their excessive overhead leads to large latency and computational costs. The statically compression methods allocate fixed computation to different samples, resulting in redundant computation. The dynamic token pruning method selectively shortens the sequences but are unable to change the model size and hardly achieve the speedups as static pruning. In this paper, we propose a model accelaration approaches for large language models that incorporates dynamic token downsampling and static pruning, optimized by the information bottleneck loss. Our model, Infor-Coef, achieves an 18x FLOPs speedup with an accuracy degradation of less than 8\% compared to BERT. This work provides a promising approach to compress and accelerate transformer-based models for NLP tasks.

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