Applications of Voice User Interfaces in Clinical Settings

Akiri Surely

The adoption of modern technologies for use in healthcare has become an inevitable change. The emergence of artificial intelligence drives this digital disruption. Artificial intelligence has augmented machine capabilities to act like and interact with human beings. As the healthcare industry adopts technology in most areas, an area in healthcare that is touched by this change is clinical practice. New technologies are being designed to improve healthcare services. One aspect of these technologies is voice user interfaces. This paper reviews applications of voice user interfaces in clinical settings. Several information sources were consulted, and based on eligibility criteria, a search was conducted, and ten papers selected. This study presents findings from the last ten years (2009-2019). The results are categorized based on findings, also they contribute to the discussion and the research gaps identified for future study as regards context-aware voice user interfaces and the appearance of conversational agents from a given set of options.

Knowledge Graph



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