Amity -- A Hybrid Mental Health Application

Srija Santhanam, Kavipriya P, Balamurugan MS, Manoj kumar Rajagopal

Wellness in trivial terms combines physical, social, and mental wellbeing. While mental health is neglected, long-term success in a person life is mostly determined by his psychological health and contentment. For a person in distress, professional mental health services are quite expensive, unpopular, and invite a lot of hesitation. Hence, it would be effective to use an Android application that can offer day to day therapeutic assistance, meditation sessions, and guidance since it can cater to a massive community instantly. In this paper, we propose a mobile and web application AMITY with a chat group and chatbot created using a machine learning approach. We have also built a dataset to train the chatbot model that we propose in this paper. We briefly introduce the dataset and the machine learning model in section 3. In section 4, we include the architecture and the development details of the Hybrid application. Next, we present our results on usability and the efficiency of the idea we propose.

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