F-PABEE: Flexible-patience-based Early Exiting for Single-label and Multi-label text Classification Tasks

Xiangxiang Gao, Wei Zhu, Jiasheng Gao, Congrui Yin

Computational complexity and overthinking problems have become the bottlenecks for pre-training language models (PLMs) with millions or even trillions of parameters. A Flexible-Patience-Based Early Exiting method (F-PABEE) has been proposed to alleviate the problems mentioned above for single-label classification (SLC) and multi-label classification (MLC) tasks. F-PABEE makes predictions at the classifier and will exit early if predicted distributions of cross-layer are consecutively similar. It is more flexible than the previous state-of-the-art (SOTA) early exiting method PABEE because it can simultaneously adjust the similarity score thresholds and the patience parameters. Extensive experiments show that: (1) F-PABEE makes a better speedup-accuracy balance than existing early exiting strategies on both SLC and MLC tasks. (2) F-PABEE achieves faster inference and better performances on different PLMs such as BERT and ALBERT. (3) F-PABEE-JSKD performs best for F-PABEE with different similarity measures.

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