Self-Distillation with Meta Learning for Knowledge Graph Completion

Yunshui Li, Junhao Liu, Chengming Li, Min Yang

In this paper, we propose a selfdistillation framework with meta learning(MetaSD) for knowledge graph completion with dynamic pruning, which aims to learn compressed graph embeddings and tackle the longtail samples. Specifically, we first propose a dynamic pruning technique to obtain a small pruned model from a large source model, where the pruning mask of the pruned model could be updated adaptively per epoch after the model weights are updated. The pruned model is supposed to be more sensitive to difficult to memorize samples(e.g., longtail samples) than the source model. Then, we propose a onestep meta selfdistillation method for distilling comprehensive knowledge from the source model to the pruned model, where the two models coevolve in a dynamic manner during training. In particular, we exploit the performance of the pruned model, which is trained alongside the source model in one iteration, to improve the source models knowledge transfer ability for the next iteration via meta learning. Extensive experiments show that MetaSD achieves competitive performance compared to strong baselines, while being 10x smaller than baselines.

Knowledge Graph



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