Multilevel Method for Thermal Radiative Transfer Problems with Method of Long Characteristics for the Boltzmann Transport Equation

Joseph M. Coale, Dmitriy Y. Anistratov

In this paper analysis is performed on a computational method for thermal radiative transfer (TRT) problems based on the multilevel quasidiffusion (variable Eddington factor) method with the method of long characteristics (ray tracing) for the Boltzmann transport equation (BTE). The method is formulated with a multilevel set of moment equations of the BTE which are coupled to the material energy balance (MEB). The moment equations are exactly closed via the Eddington tensor defined by the BTE solution. Two discrete spatial meshes are defined: a material grid on which the MEB and low-order moment equations are discretized, and a grid of characteristics for solving the BTE. Numerical testing of the method is completed on the well-known Fleck-Cummings test problem which models a supersonic radiation wave propagation. Mesh refinement studies are performed on each of the two spatial grids independently, holding one mesh width constant while refining the other. We also present the data on convergence of iterations.

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