Utilization of Soda Ash and its Effect on Fresh and Hardened Properties of Slag-based Mixes

Jayashree Sengupta, Nirjhar Dhang, Arghya Deb

The present study thus involved mixing the chemicals directly in solid form to the precursors. The effect on fresh and hardened properties are observed. Mixes activated by NaOH pellets pre-mixed in water, are also included for comparison purposes only. The rheological properties, flow characteristics and the strength development are observed for the different types of mixing techniques. Microstructural characterization of selected mortar samples is also performed to support the obtained results of the one-part mixes. The same is not done for the NaOH and pre-mixed activator samples because it is outside the scope of the current study. The goal of the current study is to demonstrate the effectiveness of using industrial grade hydrated lime and soda ash as solid activators to alkali-activate a mixture of slag and silica fume. Different mixing techniques were used, and their influence on the corresponding fresh and hardened properties was examined. Using pre-mixed analytical grade Na2CO3 in water can cost up to 60% more than using a mixture activated by NaOH pellets. On the other hand, using industrial-grade chemicals could cut down the costs by 91%. Even when compared to analytical Na2CO3 counterparts, it saves 94.5% of the budget.

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