Zero-shot Multi-level Feature Transmission Policy Powered by Semantic Knowledge Base

Yaping Sun, Hao Chen, Xiaodong Xu, Ping Zhang, Shuguang Cui

Remote zero-shot object recognition, i.e., offloading zero-shot object recognition task from one mobile device to remote mobile edge computing (MEC) server or another mobile device, has become a common and important task to solve for 6G. In order to tackle this problem, this paper first establishes a zero-shot multi-level feature extractor, which projects the image into visual, semantic, as well as intermediate feature space in a lightweight way. Then, this paper proposes a novel multi-level feature transmission framework powered by semantic knowledge base (SKB), and characterizes the semantic loss and required transmission latency at each level. Under this setup, this paper formulates the multi-level feature transmission optimization problem to minimize the semantic loss under the end-to-end latency constraint. The optimization problem, however, is a multi-choice knapsack problem, and thus very difficult to be optimized. To resolve this issue, this paper proposes an efficient algorithm based on convex concave procedure to find a high-quality solution. Numerical results show that the proposed design outperforms the benchmarks, and illustrate the tradeoff between the transmission latency and zero-shot classification accuracy, as well as the effects of the SKBs at both the transmitter and receiver on classification accuracy.

Knowledge Graph



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