UVOSAM: A Mask-free Paradigm for Unsupervised Video Object Segmentation via Segment Anything Model

Zhenghao Zhang, Zhichao Wei, Shengfan Zhang, Zuozhuo Dai, Siyu Zhu

Unsupervised video object segmentation has made significant progress in recent years, but the manual annotation of video mask datasets is expensive and limits the diversity of available datasets. The Segment Anything Model (SAM) has introduced a new prompt-driven paradigm for image segmentation, unlocking a range of previously unexplored capabilities. In this paper, we propose a novel paradigm called UVOSAM, which leverages SAM for unsupervised video object segmentation without requiring video mask labels. To address SAM's limitations in instance discovery and identity association, we introduce a video salient object tracking network that automatically generates trajectories for prominent foreground objects. These trajectories then serve as prompts for SAM to produce video masks on a frame-by-frame basis. Our experimental results demonstrate that UVOSAM significantly outperforms current mask-supervised methods. These findings suggest that UVOSAM has the potential to improve unsupervised video object segmentation and reduce the cost of manual annotation.

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