Exploring the Efficacy of ChatGPT in Analyzing Student Teamwork Feedback with an Existing Taxonomy

Andrew Katz, Siqing Wei, Gaurav Nanda, Christopher Brinton, Matthew Ohland

Teamwork is a critical component of many academic and professional settings. In those contexts, feedback between team members is an important element to facilitate successful and sustainable teamwork. However, in the classroom, as the number of teams and team members and frequency of evaluation increase, the volume of comments can become overwhelming for an instructor to read and track, making it difficult to identify patterns and areas for student improvement. To address this challenge, we explored the use of generative AI models, specifically ChatGPT, to analyze student comments in team based learning contexts. Our study aimed to evaluate ChatGPT's ability to accurately identify topics in student comments based on an existing framework consisting of positive and negative comments. Our results suggest that ChatGPT can achieve over 90\% accuracy in labeling student comments, providing a potentially valuable tool for analyzing feedback in team projects. This study contributes to the growing body of research on the use of AI models in educational contexts and highlights the potential of ChatGPT for facilitating analysis of student comments.

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