uCTRL: Unbiased Contrastive Representation Learning via Alignment and Uniformity for Collaborative Filtering

Jae-woong Lee, Seongmin Park, Mincheol Yoon, Jongwuk Lee

Because implicit user feedback for the collaborative filtering (CF) models is biased toward popular items, CF models tend to yield recommendation lists with popularity bias. Previous studies have utilized inverse propensity weighting (IPW) or causal inference to mitigate this problem. However, they solely employ pointwise or pairwise loss functions and neglect to adopt a contrastive loss function for learning meaningful user and item representations. In this paper, we propose Unbiased ConTrastive Representation Learning (uCTRL), optimizing alignment and uniformity functions derived from the InfoNCE loss function for CF models. Specifically, we formulate an unbiased alignment function used in uCTRL. We also devise a novel IPW estimation method that removes the bias of both users and items. Despite its simplicity, uCTRL equipped with existing CF models consistently outperforms state-of-the-art unbiased recommender models, up to 12.22% for Recall@20 and 16.33% for NDCG@20 gains, on four benchmark datasets.

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