FR-Net:A Light-weight FFT Residual Net For Gaze Estimation

Tao Xu, Bo Wu, Ruilong Fan, Yun Zhou, Di Huang

Gaze estimation is a crucial task in computer vision, however, existing methods suffer from high computational costs, which limit their practical deployment in resource-limited environments. In this paper, we propose a novel lightweight model, FR-Net, for accurate gaze angle estimation while significantly reducing computational complexity. FR-Net utilizes the Fast Fourier Transform (FFT) to extract gaze-relevant features in frequency domains while reducing the number of parameters. Additionally, we introduce a shortcut component that focuses on the spatial domain to further improve the accuracy of our model. Our experimental results demonstrate that our approach achieves substantially lower gaze error angles (3.86 on MPII and 4.51 on EYEDIAP) compared to state-of-the-art gaze estimation methods, while utilizing 17 times fewer parameters (0.67M) and only 12\% of FLOPs (0.22B). Furthermore, our method outperforms existing lightweight methods in terms of accuracy and efficiency for the gaze estimation task. These results suggest that our proposed approach has significant potential applications in areas such as human-computer interaction and driver assistance systems.

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