CASA-ASR: Context-Aware Speaker-Attributed ASR

Mohan Shi, Zhihao Du, Qian Chen, Fan Yu, Yangze Li, ShiLiang Zhang, Jie Zhang, Li-rong Dai

Recently, speaker-attributed automatic speech recognition (SA-ASR) has attracted a wide attention, which aims at answering the question ``who spoke what''. Different from modular systems, end-to-end (E2E) SA-ASR minimizes the speaker-dependent recognition errors directly and shows a promising applicability. In this paper, we propose a context-aware SA-ASR (CASA-ASR) model by enhancing the contextual modeling ability of E2E SA-ASR. Specifically, in CASA-ASR, a contextual text encoder is involved to aggregate the semantic information of the whole utterance, and a context-dependent scorer is employed to model the speaker discriminability by contrasting with speakers in the context. In addition, a two-pass decoding strategy is further proposed to fully leverage the contextual modeling ability resulting in a better recognition performance. Experimental results on AliMeeting corpus show that the proposed CASA-ASR model outperforms the original E2E SA-ASR system with a relative improvement of 11.76% in terms of speaker-dependent character error rate.

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