Variable Grasp Pose and Commitment for Trajectory Optimization

Jiahe Pan, Kerry He, Jia Ming Ong, Akansel Cosgun

We propose enhancing trajectory optimization methods through the incorporation of two key ideas: variable-grasp pose sampling and trajectory commitment. Our iterative approach samples multiple grasp poses, increasing the likelihood of finding a solution while gradually narrowing the optimization horizon towards the goal region for improved computational efficiency. We conduct experiments comparing our approach with sampling-based planning and fixed-goal optimization. In simulated experiments featuring 4 different task scenes, our approach consistently outperforms baselines by generating lower-cost trajectories and achieving higher success rates in challenging constrained and cluttered environments, at the trade-off of longer computation times. Real-world experiments further validate the superiority of our approach in generating lower-cost trajectories and exhibiting enhanced robustness. While we acknowledge the limitations of our experimental design, our proposed approach holds significant potential for enhancing trajectory optimization methods and offers a promising solution for achieving consistent and reliable robotic manipulation.

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