A discontinuous Galerkin approach for atmospheric flows with implicit condensation

Sabine Hittmeir, Philip L. Lederer, Joachim Schöberl, Henry von Wahl

We present a discontinuous Galerkin method for moist atmospheric dynamics, with and without warm rain. By considering a combined density for water vapour and cloud water, we avoid the need to model and compute a source term for condensation. We recover the vapour and cloud densities by solving a pointwise non-linear problem each time step. Consequently, we enforce the requirement for the water vapour not to be supersaturated implicitly. Together with an explicit time-stepping scheme, the method is highly parallelisable and can utilise high-performance computing hardware. Furthermore, the discretisation works on structured and unstructured meshes in two and three spatial dimensions. We illustrate the performance of our approach using several test cases in two and three spatial dimensions. In the case of a smooth, exact solution, we illustrate the optimal higher-order convergence rates of the method.

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