Attribute-Guided Encryption with Facial Texture Masking

Chun Pong Lau, Jiang Liu, Rama Chellappa

The increasingly pervasive facial recognition (FR) systems raise serious concerns about personal privacy, especially for billions of users who have publicly shared their photos on social media. Several attempts have been made to protect individuals from unauthorized FR systems utilizing adversarial attacks to generate encrypted face images to protect users from being identified by FR systems. However, existing methods suffer from poor visual quality or low attack success rates, which limit their usability in practice. In this paper, we propose Attribute Guided Encryption with Facial Texture Masking (AGE-FTM) that performs a dual manifold adversarial attack on FR systems to achieve both good visual quality and high black box attack success rates. In particular, AGE-FTM utilizes a high fidelity generative adversarial network (GAN) to generate natural on-manifold adversarial samples by modifying facial attributes, and performs the facial texture masking attack to generate imperceptible off-manifold adversarial samples. Extensive experiments on the CelebA-HQ dataset demonstrate that our proposed method produces more natural-looking encrypted images than state-of-the-art methods while achieving competitive attack performance. We further evaluate the effectiveness of AGE-FTM in the real world using a commercial FR API and validate its usefulness in practice through an user study.

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