RenderMe-360: A Large Digital Asset Library and Benchmarks Towards High-fidelity Head Avatars

Dongwei Pan, Long Zhuo, Jingtan Piao, Huiwen Luo, Wei Cheng, Yuxin Wang, Siming Fan, Shengqi Liu, Lei Yang, Bo Dai, Ziwei Liu, Chen change Loy, Chen Qian, Wayne Wu, Dahua Lin, Kwan-Yee Lin

Synthesizing high-fidelity head avatars is a central problem for computer vision and graphics. While head avatar synthesis algorithms have advanced rapidly, the best ones still face great obstacles in real-world scenarios. One of the vital causes is inadequate datasets -- 1) current public datasets can only support researchers to explore high-fidelity head avatars in one or two task directions; 2) these datasets usually contain digital head assets with limited data volume, and narrow distribution over different attributes. In this paper, we present RenderMe-360, a comprehensive 4D human head dataset to drive advance in head avatar research. It contains massive data assets, with 243+ million complete head frames, and over 800k video sequences from 500 different identities captured by synchronized multi-view cameras at 30 FPS. It is a large-scale digital library for head avatars with three key attributes: 1) High Fidelity: all subjects are captured by 60 synchronized, high-resolution 2K cameras in 360 degrees. 2) High Diversity: The collected subjects vary from different ages, eras, ethnicities, and cultures, providing abundant materials with distinctive styles in appearance and geometry. Moreover, each subject is asked to perform various motions, such as expressions and head rotations, which further extend the richness of assets. 3) Rich Annotations: we provide annotations with different granularities: cameras' parameters, matting, scan, 2D/3D facial landmarks, FLAME fitting, and text description. Based on the dataset, we build a comprehensive benchmark for head avatar research, with 16 state-of-the-art methods performed on five main tasks: novel view synthesis, novel expression synthesis, hair rendering, hair editing, and talking head generation. Our experiments uncover the strengths and weaknesses of current methods. RenderMe-360 opens the door for future exploration in head avatars.

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