Quantum Kolmogorov complexity and quantum correlations in deterministic-control quantum Turing machines

Mariano Lemus, Ricardo Faleiro, Paulo Mateus, Nikola Paunković, André Souto

We extend the deterministic-control quantum Turing machine (dcq-TM) model to incorporate mixed state inputs and outputs. Moreover, we define dcq-computable states as those that can be accurately approximated by a dcq-TM, and we introduce (conditional) Kolmogorov complexity of quantum states. We show that this notion is machine independent and that the set of dcq-computable states coincides with states having computable classical representations. Furthermore, we prove an algorithmic information version of the no-cloning theorem stating that cloning most quantum states is as difficult as creating them. Finally, we also propose a correlation-aware definition for algorithmic mutual information and shown that it satisfies symmetry of information property.

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