Efficient Exchange of Metadata Information in Geo-Distributed Fog Systems

Marvin Kruber, Tobias Pfandzelter, David Bermbach

Metadata information is crucial for efficient geo-distributed fog computing systems. Many existing solutions for metadata exchange overlook geo-awareness or lack adequate failure tolerance, which are vital in such systems. To address this, we propose HFCS, a novel hybrid communication system that combines hierarchical and peer-to-peer elements, along with edge pools. HFCS utilizes a gossip protocol for dynamic metadata exchange. In simulation, we investigate the impact of node density and edge pool size on HFCS performance. We observe a significant performance improvement for clustered node distributions, aligning well with real-world scenarios. Additionally, we compare HFCS with a hierarchical system and a peer-to-peer broadcast approach. HFCS outperforms both in task fulfillment at the cost of an average 16\% detected failures due to its peer-to-peer structures.

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