ChatGPT, Can You Generate Solutions for my Coding Exercises? An Evaluation on its Effectiveness in an undergraduate Java Programming Course

Eng Lieh Ouh, Benjamin Kok Siew Gan, Kyong Jin Shim, Swavek Wlodkowski

In this study, we assess the efficacy of employing the ChatGPT language model to generate solutions for coding exercises within an undergraduate Java programming course. ChatGPT, a large-scale, deep learning-driven natural language processing model, is capable of producing programming code based on textual input. Our evaluation involves analyzing ChatGPT-generated solutions for 80 diverse programming exercises and comparing them to the correct solutions. Our findings indicate that ChatGPT accurately generates Java programming solutions, which are characterized by high readability and well-structured organization. Additionally, the model can produce alternative, memory-efficient solutions. However, as a natural language processing model, ChatGPT struggles with coding exercises containing non-textual descriptions or class files, leading to invalid solutions. In conclusion, ChatGPT holds potential as a valuable tool for students seeking to overcome programming challenges and explore alternative approaches to solving coding problems. By understanding its limitations, educators can design coding exercises that minimize the potential for misuse as a cheating aid while maintaining their validity as assessment tools.

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