Task Containerization and Container Placement Optimization for MEC: A Joint Communication and Computing Perspective

Ao Liu, Shaoshi Yang, Jingsheng Tan, Zongze Liang, Jiasen Sun, Tao Wen, Hongyan Yan

Containers are used by an increasing number of Internet service providers to deploy their applications in multi-access edge computing (MEC) systems. Although container-based virtualization technologies significantly increase application availability, they may suffer expensive communication overhead and resource use imbalances. However, so far there has been a scarcity of studies to conquer these difficulties. In this paper, we design a workflow-based mathematical model for applications built upon interdependent multitasking composition, formulate a multi-objective combinatorial optimization problem composed of two subproblems -- graph partitioning and multi-choice vector bin packing, and propose several joint task-containerization-and-container-placement methods to reduce communication overhead and balance multi-type computing resource utilization. The performance superiority of the proposed algorithms is demonstrated by comparison with the state-of-the-art task and container scheduling schemes.

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