WaveDM: Wavelet-Based Diffusion Models for Image Restoration

Yi Huang, Jiancheng Huang, Jianzhuang Liu, Yu Dong, Jiaxi Lv, Shifeng Chen

Latest diffusion-based methods for many image restoration tasks outperform traditional models, but they encounter the long-time inference problem. To tackle it, this paper proposes a Wavelet-Based Diffusion Model (WaveDM) with an Efficient Conditional Sampling (ECS) strategy. WaveDM learns the distribution of clean images in the wavelet domain conditioned on the wavelet spectrum of degraded images after wavelet transform, which is more time-saving in each step of sampling than modeling in the spatial domain. In addition, ECS follows the same procedure as the deterministic implicit sampling in the initial sampling period and then stops to predict clean images directly, which reduces the number of total sampling steps to around 5. Evaluations on four benchmark datasets including image raindrop removal, defocus deblurring, demoir\'eing, and denoising demonstrate that WaveDM achieves state-of-the-art performance with the efficiency that is comparable to traditional one-pass methods and over 100 times faster than existing image restoration methods using vanilla diffusion models.

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