Question Answering as Programming for Solving Time-Sensitive Questions

Xinyu Zhu, Cheng Yang, Bei Chen, Siheng Li, Jian-Guang Lou, Yujiu Yang

In this work we try to apply Large Language Models (LLMs) to reframe the Question Answering task as Programming (QAaP). Due to the inherent dynamic nature of the real world, factual questions frequently involve a symbolic constraint: time, solving these questions necessitates not only extensive world knowledge, but also advanced reasoning ability to satisfy the temporal constraints. Despite the remarkable intelligence exhibited by LLMs in various NLP tasks, our experiments reveal that the aforementioned problems continue to pose a significant challenge to existing LLMs. To solve these time-sensitive factual questions, considering that modern LLMs possess superior ability in both natural language understanding and programming,we endeavor to leverage LLMs to represent diversely expressed text as well-structured code, and thereby grasp the desired knowledge along with the underlying symbolic constraint.

Knowledge Graph



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