One-Shot Strategically Deconflicted Route and Operational Volume Generation for Urban Air Mobility Operations

Ellis L Thompson, Yan Xu, Peng Wei

In the UAM space, strategic deconfliction provides an all-essential layer to airspace automation by providing safe, preemptive deconfliction or assignment of airspace resources to airspace users pre-flight. Strategic deconfliction approaches provide an elegant solution to pre-flight deconfliction operations. This overall creates safer and more efficient airspace and reduces the workload on controllers. In this research, we propose a method that constructs routes between start and end nodes in airspace, assigns a contract of operational volumes (OVs) and ensures that these OVs are sufficiently deconflicted against static no-fly zones and OVs of other airspace users. Our approach uses the A* optimal cost path algorithm to generate the shortest routes between the origin and destination. We present a method for generating OVs based on the distribution of aircraft positions from simulated flights; volumes are constructed such that this distribution is conservatively described.

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