Complementing GPT-3 with Few-Shot Sequence-to-Sequence Semantic Parsing over Wikidata

Silei Xu, Theo Culhane, Meng-Hsi Wu, Sina J. Semnani, Monica S. Lam

As the largest knowledge base, Wikidata is a massive source of knowledge, complementing large language models with well-structured data. In this paper, we present WikiWebQuestions, a high-quality knowledge base question answering benchmark for Wikidata. This new benchmark uses real-world human data with SPARQL annotation to facilitate a more accurate comparison with large language models utilizing the up-to-date answers from Wikidata. Additionally, a baseline for this benchmark is established with an effective training data synthesis methodology and WikiSP, a Seq2Seq semantic parser, that handles large noisy knowledge graphs. Experimental results illustrate the effectiveness of this methodology, achieving 69% and 59% answer accuracy in the dev set and test set, respectively. We showed that we can pair semantic parsers with GPT-3 to provide a combination of verifiable results and qualified guesses that can provide useful answers to 97% of the questions in the dev set of our benchmark.

Knowledge Graph



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