Learn from Mistakes through Cooperative Interaction with Study Assistant

Danqing Wang, Lei li

Large language models have demonstrated their ability to self-reflect and refine their generation, which can further improve their performance. However, this feedback mechanism faces challenges such as no guarantee of correctness and the lack of global insight into the model's weaknesses. In this paper, we propose a novel framework, Study Assistant for Large Language Model (SALAM), to aid LLMs in the reflection and refinement process. Motivated by the human study assistant, this framework grades previous responses with the ground truth and collects mistakes in the training phase. During inference, it identifies common misunderstandings based on the mistake collections and provides guidelines for the model to help the model avoid similar mistakes during inference. SALAM is a model-agnostic framework, focusing on providing general feedback and can adapt to any base model. Our evaluation of SALAM on two challenging benchmarks demonstrated a significant improvement over various baselines.

Knowledge Graph



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