Failure-Sentient Composition For Swarm-Based Drone Services

Balsam Alkouz, Athman Bouguettaya, Abdallah Lakhdari

We propose a novel failure-sentient framework for swarm-based drone delivery services. The framework ensures that those drones that experience a noticeable degradation in their performance (called soft failure) and which are part of a swarm, do not disrupt the successful delivery of packages to a consumer. The framework composes a weighted continual federated learning prediction module to accurately predict the time of failures of individual drones and uptime after failures. These predictions are used to determine the severity of failures at both the drone and swarm levels. We propose a speed-based heuristic algorithm with lookahead optimization to generate an optimal set of services considering failures. Experimental results on real datasets prove the efficiency of our proposed approach in terms of prediction accuracy, delivery times, and execution times.

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