R2H: Building Multimodal Navigation Helpers that Respond to Help

Yue Fan, Kaizhi Zheng, Jing Gu, Xin Eric Wang

The ability to assist humans during a navigation task in a supportive role is crucial for intelligent agents. Such agents, equipped with environment knowledge and conversational abilities, can guide individuals through unfamiliar terrains by generating natural language responses to their inquiries, grounded in the visual information of their surroundings. However, these multimodal conversational navigation helpers are still underdeveloped. This paper proposes a new benchmark, Respond to Help (R2H), to build multimodal navigation helpers that can respond to help, based on existing dialog-based embodied datasets. R2H mainly includes two tasks: (1) Respond to Dialog History (RDH), which assesses the helper agent's ability to generate informative responses based on a given dialog history, and (2) Respond during Interaction (RdI), which evaluates the helper agent's ability to maintain effective and consistent cooperation with a task performer agent during navigation in real-time. Furthermore, we propose a novel task-oriented multimodal response generation model that can see and respond, named SeeRee, as the navigation helper to guide the task performer in embodied tasks. Through both automatic and human evaluations, we show that SeeRee produces more effective and informative responses than baseline methods in assisting the task performer with different navigation tasks. Project website: https://sites.google.com/view/respond2help/home.

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