Robust Multi-agent Communication via Multi-view Message Certification

Lei Yuan, Tao jiang, Lihe Li, Feng Chen, Zongzhang Zhang, Yang Yu

Many multi-agent scenarios require message sharing among agents to promote coordination, hastening the robustness of multi-agent communication when policies are deployed in a message perturbation environment. Major relevant works tackle this issue under specific assumptions, like a limited number of message channels would sustain perturbations, limiting the efficiency in complex scenarios. In this paper, we take a further step addressing this issue by learning a robust multi-agent communication policy via multi-view message certification, dubbed CroMAC. Agents trained under CroMAC can obtain guaranteed lower bounds on state-action values to identify and choose the optimal action under a worst-case deviation when the received messages are perturbed. Concretely, we first model multi-agent communication as a multi-view problem, where every message stands for a view of the state. Then we extract a certificated joint message representation by a multi-view variational autoencoder (MVAE) that uses a product-of-experts inference network. For the optimization phase, we do perturbations in the latent space of the state for a certificate guarantee. Then the learned joint message representation is used to approximate the certificated state representation during training. Extensive experiments in several cooperative multi-agent benchmarks validate the effectiveness of the proposed CroMAC.

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