Precise Object Sliding with Top Contact via Asymmetric Dual Limit Surfaces

Xili Yi, Nima Fazeli

In this paper, we discuss the mechanics and planning algorithms to slide an object on a horizontal planar surface via frictional patch contact made with its top surface. Here, we propose an asymmetric dual limit surface model to determine slip boundary conditions for both the top and bottom contact. With this model, we obtain a range of twists that can keep the object in sticking contact with the robot end-effector while slipping on the supporting plane. Based on these constraints, we derive a planning algorithm to slide objects with only top contact to arbitrary goal poses without slippage between end effector and the object. We validate the proposed model empirically and demonstrate its predictive accuracy on a variety of object geometries and motions. We also evaluate the planning algorithm over a variety of objects and goals demonstrate an orientation error improvement of 90\% when compared to methods naive to linear path planners.

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