Efficient Large-Scale Vision Representation Learning

Eden Dolev, Alaa Awad, Denisa Roberts, Zahra Ebrahimzadeh, Marcin Mejran, Vaibhav Malpani, Mahir Yavuz

In this article, we present our approach to single-modality vision representation learning. Understanding vision representations of product content is vital for recommendations, search, and advertising applications in e-commerce. We detail and contrast techniques used to fine tune large-scale vision representation learning models in an efficient manner under low-resource settings, including several pretrained backbone architectures, both in the convolutional neural network as well as the vision transformer family. We highlight the challenges for e-commerce applications at-scale and highlight the efforts to more efficiently train, evaluate, and serve visual representations. We present ablation studies for several downstream tasks, including our visually similar ad recommendations. We evaluate the offline performance of the derived visual representations in downstream tasks. To this end, we present a novel text-to-image generative offline evaluation method for visually similar recommendation systems. Finally, we include online results from deployed machine learning systems in production at Etsy.

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