Patch-Mix Contrastive Learning with Audio Spectrogram Transformer on Respiratory Sound Classification

Sangmin Bae, June-Woo Kim, Won-Yang Cho, Hyerim Baek, Soyoun Son, Byungjo Lee, Changwan Ha, Kyongpil Tae, Sungnyun Kim, Se-Young Yun

Respiratory sound contains crucial information for the early diagnosis of fatal lung diseases. Since the COVID-19 pandemic, there has been a growing interest in contact-free medical care based on electronic stethoscopes. To this end, cutting-edge deep learning models have been developed to diagnose lung diseases; however, it is still challenging due to the scarcity of medical data. In this study, we demonstrate that the pretrained model on large-scale visual and audio datasets can be generalized to the respiratory sound classification task. In addition, we introduce a straightforward Patch-Mix augmentation, which randomly mixes patches between different samples, with Audio Spectrogram Transformer (AST). We further propose a novel and effective Patch-Mix Contrastive Learning to distinguish the mixed representations in the latent space. Our method achieves state-of-the-art performance on the ICBHI dataset, outperforming the prior leading score by an improvement of 4.08%.

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